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We focus on helping clients who have accumulated significant wealth, often through a lifetime of diligent saving, or possibly as the result of receiving a lump sum from an inheritance, a divorce settlement or a business sale.

Typically, our clients are seeking the comfort of knowing that their savings will last throughout their lifetime and that their wealth will be carefully and prudently managed.

We strive to help you feel secure and at ease with your financial affairs, confident that you have a simple, straightforward plan to enable you to achieve your future aims and aspirations.

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Breed Elliott was originally founded in 1993 and subsequently became Breed Elliott LLP in 2014. Our success is built upon happy clients feeling comfortable inviting friends and family to meet us, so it is paramount that we look after clients as best we can.

We are an elite Chartered firm of experienced and highly qualified financial planners based in the South East, South West and Scotland.

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Breed Elliott is a Limited Liability Partnership. Registered in England & Wales No. OC390767. Registered Office: Broadham Manor, Woodhurst Lane, Oxted, Surrey. RH 9HJ.

Breed Elliott LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority